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Resources available online:

Young Scientists

Activities to engage students and school communities in real science and sustainable agriculture activities to build skills and knowledge. Download:
[ZIP/PDF 1.88MB]

Turning Grain into Gold

Activities comparing different foods and grains, following their growth from seed through to final product.
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/Grain-to-Gold.zip
[ZIP/PDF 1.53MB]

Chemical Safety Booklet

Activities to raise awareness of the risks associated with chemical use.
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/Chemical-Safety-booklet.zip
[ZIP/PDF 5.78MB]

Biodiversity Up Close

An audit tool for measuring biodiversity in the school ground and bushland areas.
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/bioUC-school.zip
[ZIP/PDF 3.12MB]


Resources previously on CD, now also available online:

Climate change and future food

» Climate Change
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_Climate_change.pdf.zip
[ZIP/PDF 11.49MB]

» Climate Change in Agriculture
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/Climate_change_in_agr.pdf.zip
[ZIP/PDF 11.49MB]

» Future Food and Fibre
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_Food_for_future.pdf.zip
[ZIP/PDF 0.52MB]


Weather Systems Movies
» Summary of Victoria's main weather systems
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/movies/DPI_RoundUp_Anim_1280_web.mp4
[MP4 21.5MB]

» El Niño Southern Oscillation Movie
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/movies/DPI_ENSO_Anim_1280_web.mp4
[ZIP/PDF 16.3MB]

» Indian Ocean Dipole Movie
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/movies/DPI_INDY_Anim_1280_web.mp4
[ZIP/PDF 17.4MB]

» Sub-Tropical Ridge Movie
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/movies/DPI_RIDGY_Anim_1280_web.mp4
[MP4 21.5MB]

» Southern Annular Mode Movie
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/movies/DPI_SAM_Anim_1280_web.mp4
[MP4 21.5MB]


Water and Food: futures thinking

This resource contains the following publications:

» Water and Food: futures thinking
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_WF_FutThink.pdf.zip
[ZIP/PDF 1.81MB]

» Water use and management in Shepparton Irrigation Region – fieldwork
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_Water_use_fieldwork.pdf.zip [ZIP/PDF 4.65MB]

» Teaching Resources
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_WF_TeachRes_.pdf.zip [ZIP/PDF 17.62MB]


Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_LandLearning.zip [zip file: 11.92MB]

Containing the following resource booklets:

» Biodiversity in Balance

» Fact and Fiction 2

» Fruit Fly Frenzy

» Learning in the Garden


LandLearn Resource Booklets
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_Resource_Booklets.zip [zip file: 17.97MB]

This CD contains the following resource booklets:
» Wet & Wild
» Soils Ain't Dirt
» Wonderful Wiggly Worms
» Plant Power
» Grow and Gobble
» Planning for Sustainable Land Use
» Biodiversity & Agriculture
» Environmental Education from Fact and Fiction
» AgriMaths - relating Maths to our food & fibre
» Bush Foods & Biodiversity
» Biodiversity in Bushland, Agriculture & Community Landscapes

Super Seeds!
Super Seeds is a teaching and learning resource that is mapped to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. This LandLearn resource contains activities based on Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds.
Download: http://www.landlearn.net.au/resources/LL_SuperSeeds.pdf.zip




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